LionPATH Launch Page

LionPATH Launch

LionPATH is Penn State’s student information system, which provides students with access to their academic, registration, and financial records.

Students can enroll for classes, view/accept their financial aid awards, and view their tuition bills.


Thank you for your patience during the slow system performance of LionPATH after the Thanksgiving weekend upgrade. While it is frustrating for our team when the system is not running properly, we also know it makes it very hard for you. 

When we identified the issue that caused the system to run so slowly, we also saw an opportunity to improve the user experience. This opportunity was to remove the LionPATH DUO authentication which was implemented prior to requiring all faculty and staff to use DUO when logging on with WebAccess. Since all users now authenticate with DUO for WebAccess logons, LionPATH no longer needs the additional authentication. 

As we continue to work on the many enhancement requests we receive, we will continue to look for opportunities to improve LionPATH's user experience while still keeping the system secure for all. 



Over the Thanksgiving holiday, LionPATH and its mobile app underwent a software upgrade. This upgrade was required to maintain support from the vendor.

Upon first logging in to LionPATH, users will need to clear their cache for each browser. Help is available for how to clear cache in each browser. Users who do not clear their cache could experience various issues such as pages not loading correctly, broken buttons, or parts of the site not working properly.

The functionality of LionPATH is the same. However, there are minimal visual changes as a result of this software upgrade.

In the Classic view, the Search results display differently than before and the Preferences screen has a more modern look and feel.

In the Student view, the only change appears on the My Preferences screen which is reached from the sidebar menu. Once on the Preference screen, there is no longer a sidebar menu in the header and it has a more modern look and feel.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

To learn how to use LionPATH, visit our Help page for tutorials.