Undergraduate Students

Important Announcements

LionPATH Update Academics

The LionPATH Update Academics will be unavailable from August 11-24, 2017. If you have extenuating circumstances during that time, please contact the appropriate academic department during their regular business hours.

LionPATH high efficiency mode

During the first two weeks of the fall 2017 semester, LionPATH will begin to encounter a high volume of activity. If traffic volume threatens the ability for students to access LionPATH efficiently, LionPATH will engage a high efficiency mode for the system. If the high efficiency mode is activated, students will see a pop-up window stating that LionPATH is experiencing a high volume of activity, and that all information is still available using the clickable links that appear. This mode will only be engaged from Monday, August 14 through Monday, August 28, 2017 if needed; after that time, LionPATH will revert back to its standard student user interface.

Please note this only affects the student interface. Staff, faculty and parents will not see anything different.